Companionship and friendship is a beautiful thing...

Animals are amazing teachers about knowing how to love and accept one another. They simply open their hearts and connect. Even though they look and act different from each other, they don't let that get in the way of having wonderful relationships.

Growing older and wiser

As animals age they may slow down and act differently but that doesn't mean they are done living.They just need humans to offer more kindness, patience and understanding towards them. Each and every one of their lives matters all the way to the end.

Free to just be...

Chickens enjoy a sense of community with their flock and form special relationships with each other. They are naturally curious, always have a lot to say and love to explore and connect in the world around them. If you take the time to get to know chickens, you will learn just how affectionate they can be. Each and every one of their lives matter.

The loving bond of a mother...

All mothers love their children and instinctively guard and protect them from harm and so it is for the mother cow. She wants to nurture, love and protect her baby too. When her calf is taken from her she suffers great loss and sorrow and can be heard bellowing for days. Each and every one of their lives matter.

Looking through a different lens...

Pigs can be seen as being very playful, engaging and extremely bright. They have been shown to be as smart as a three year old child when compared playing video games. These bright individuals are terribly misunderstood. Each and every one of their lives matter. All beings lives count.


Somebody who gives support or who acts and intercedes on behalf of another


Sympathy for the suffering of others, often including a desire to help


Understanding of another's feelings

Peace For All Animals People Educating and Advocating Compassion and Empathy For ALL Animals. Animals everywhere need our love and protection and they need it now more than ever. Please join us in support of humane education and let's make a difference together.

Stand up and speak out and let your voice be their voice